Sony MSC-3000 MUSE Decoder

User Guide

With this model, Sony no longer incorporated the BS tuner or its associated NTSC circuitry in the same housing with the MUSE decoder. As a result, the model number prefix was changed, although the number itself follows in sequence with the MST-1000 and MST-2000. (Some folks may find this change regrettable for excluding β€œMST-3000”.)

A β€” 40-Watt Version

This unit has no serial number on the back panel, nor the customary Sony label inside the housing giving serial number and build date. It also lacks Control-S jacks on the rear panel.

B β€” 35-Watt Version

The serial number of this unit is 2000386, and its build date is 1995 March. So far, all examples of the 35-watt variant seen appear to have serial numbers beginning in 2. If this indicates a design revision, it must be one which occurred early on in the life of the model. This unit also weighs in about 100 g lighter than the unnumbered 40-watt unit, at about 6.6 kg.

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